Garden Trends 2014: A Year In Balance

Published 01.20.14 for the National Extension Master Gardener Blog

Just like the fashion and design world, trends can also affect the gardening world.   From influencing the types and colors of plants found at the garden center and used by landscapers, to book topics, and more, gardening is influenced, for better or worse, by trends.  During the first few months of 2014, we’ll be taking a look at garden trends and other things that influence the world of gardening.

There a few organizations that help to set trends, and also take note of trends.  Plant organizations, such as the Perennial Plant Association and All-America Selections list plants of the year that will likely show up at your garden center.  Pantone selects a color of the year.  And the Garden Media Group (a PR firm) releases an annual trends report.  In the 2014 Garden Trends report, we see the following trends affecting gardening:

1. Ground Up (Composting/Sustainable Gardening)
2. Super Foods Super Models
3. Drink Your Yard (Fermentation Gardening)
4. Dress Up Your Yard
5. Bee-nificials
6. Cultur-vating
7. Simple Elegance
8. Frac’d Up
9. Young Men Get Down & Dirty
10. Think Gardens
11. Fingertip Gardening
12. Tree-mendous Reversal

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