Choosing the Best Tomatoes for Your Garden

A post I wrote for the GROBigRed blog on selecting tomato varieties, check it out below…

GRO Big Red

Tomatoes are perhaps the most popular plant grown in the home garden., both because home grown tomatoes are often higher quality than those found in grocery stores and because they are common in many different types of traditional dishes cuisines.  Even people who don’t have a vegetable garden will find a spot in the yard or in a container to plant a few tomato plants.

Choosing a Tomato Variety

There are several factors that go into choosing the right tomato variety for your garden.  Many gardeners focus on characteristics of flavor when selecting varieties, however disease resistance to common diseases and growth habit should also be considered when making choices.

Choosing tomato cultivars for flavor and use

There are several different characteristics that give tomatoes their flavor. People tend to pick and choose their favorite varieties based on a few different characteristics. Since these characteristics are so varied, the choice…

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