Sometimes Late Bloomers are Best

My latest contribution to the GROBigRed blog…

GRO Big Red

Flowers are wonderful. They fill our lives with color, help provide us with food and ensure plants can reproduce. Gardeners, whether they grow ornamentals or vegetables, try to encourage flowers on their plants.

However, flowers are not always a positive in the life of a plant. There are times when a gardener, especially one who is growing vegetables and fruit, will want to remove flowers from plants and keep that process from happening.

And ornamental growers will need to remove flowers on many plants once flowering ends.

Why do we need to do this? Isn’t it counter-intuitive?

I stroll up and down the aisles at the market or at the garden center and see large tomato and pepper plants with flowers and sometimes even fruit on them.

More often than not, I see people leaving the market with these plants destined for their home gardens. Unfortunately, these folks are headed…

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