Translating the Language of Seed Packets: Hybrid, Heirloom, non-GMO, and more

I recently wrote an article for the Garden Professors, another blog I contribute to regularly, on the information and misinformation you might find on a seed packet.  Please hop on over to the Garden Professors webpage to read the article.

The article covers the terms you’re likely to find on seed packets like organic, non-gmo, hybrid, etc. and what they mean.  One of the big takeaways is that the non-gmo label on garden seeds is basically meaningless since there are no genetically engineered seeds available to home gardeners and most home vegetable crops don’t have a GMO counterpart.

You can read more by checking out the article over at  You can also check out the Garden Professors Facebook Page and the GP Discussion group (where you can get your garden questions answered with evidence-based information).

For the quick version, check out this segment I recently shot with the Backyard Farmer show….a farm and garden staple from Nebraska Extension on Nebraska Public TV.



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