Raised Bed Rebuttal

One of the things I miss (and sometimes don’t miss) after my move from West Virginia to Nebraska is writing my weekly garden column for the Charleston Gazette-Mail newspaper.  It was a great way to always keep thinking about new things to talk about and a great way to connect with the public.

After I left, the newspaper replaced me with a team of 4-5 local gardeners who would take turns writing about their different gardening insights and experiences.  Some have been really good, like the ones who were my former Master Gardener volunteers.  However, sometimes I find the bad information and attitude of one of the writers off-putting and even angering.

The most recent article from this writer basically cast raised beds as evil and ecologically horrific while glorifying the practice of tilling up soil for a garden.  As the growing mountain of evidence shows, tilling and soil disruption has a big negative environmental impact and can reduce production.  To point out all the flaws I found with the article, I put pen to paper….er, fingertips to keyboard to list all the issues I had with the article for the Garden Professors blog.

You can read the full (warning: its long) article at the link below.


You can also keep informed and be a part of the conversation over at the:

Garden Professors Facebook Page

Garden Professors FB Discussion Group

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