Garden Trend: Gardening with a Conscience

As we continue to look at trends in gardening, we see that there is a growing trend in approaching gardening in a more ethical, or conscientious, way. The intent is not just to reduce environmental impacts, but to garden for the benefit of both the land and the gardener (and those affected by the garden). It is a look at growing good food all the … Continue reading Garden Trend: Gardening with a Conscience

Organic growing takes attention

More and more gardeners are interested in growing organically. This is especially true for gardeners growing fruits, vegetables and even grains. Reasons include concern over pesticide use, human health, preservation of beneficial insects and microbes and reducing input costs. Part of growing organically is eliminating pesticide use or using organic pesticides derived from natural materials such as minerals, fungi, plant extracts and more. The other … Continue reading Organic growing takes attention