Plan a year of garden success

While the frigid cold of winter may have you dreaming of tropical locations, sandy beaches and fruity drinks with little umbrellas, one way to warm up is to brew yourself a nice cup of tea, coffee or hot cocoa and sit down with a few good garden catalogs. What good it can do your mood to dream of a beautiful garden or bountiful vegetable harvest … Continue reading Plan a year of garden success

Fall tasks are at hand

As we progress further into the cool, crisp days of autumn, it is time to turn our attention to preparing the garden for the winter to come and even look forward to next year’s garden. By preparing, you can conserve resources and energy for next year’s gardening season. This week, I’ll talk about a few things you can do to enjoy the garden in the … Continue reading Fall tasks are at hand

Resolve to Adopt New Garden Practices

We’ll start off by discussing how to plan your new garden, and some tools you can use to resolve to be a better gardener. Hopefully, you’ll find something new to inspire you and your garden for 2014. Last week, I discussed new possible trends for the 2014 gardening year, from sustainable gardening to growing your own ingredients to ferment into alcohol. During the month of … Continue reading Resolve to Adopt New Garden Practices