Houseplants fight cabin fever

While I may concentrate most of my gardening in the realm of edible plants, I do dabble a bit in houseplants. It turns out that houseplants are something that can keep a gardener from going bonkers when they are stuck indoors in the winter. They are especially helpful when stuck inside for long periods of time when a foot of snow falls outside, temperatures fall … Continue reading Houseplants fight cabin fever

Asparagus brings spring delight

Asparagus (Asparagus officinalis) is one of those things that people either absolutely love or absolutely hate. I stand firmly in the love column. I bet that most people who say they hate asparagus have only tasted the soggy spears that plop out of cans. Canned asparagus cannot even compare to fresh, especially if it is home- or locally grown. First, a little history Asparagus has … Continue reading Asparagus brings spring delight