Seed Saving and Plant Sex Ed

We grow our tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and more to harvest their fruit to eat, but the plant’s intent is to produce alluring fruits containing seeds that will be spread by animals to pass on their genetic material.

While our consumption of these plants doesn’t readily spread genetic material through dispersing seeds (at least not since the dawn of modern bathrooms), we can still play a part in saving and continuing the plant’s genetic material. Continue reading Seed Saving and Plant Sex Ed

Give Peas a Chance

Peas just don’t get any respect. They may, in fact, be the Rodney Dangerfield of the garden. Sugar snaps and snow peas do seem to rank well, but few people grow them, or at least grow them successfully. Even fewer people grow the old English type pea that you have to shell out and cook without the pod. But peas, and fresh peas, are delicious … Continue reading Give Peas a Chance

The dreaded ‘pughetti’ makes its appearance

As my regular readers know, sometimes my gardening articles are inspired by the things that happen to me in real life. For example, I wrote about water conservation after traveling to the New Mexico desert, and about produce competitions during my week at the state fair. Sometimes, though, the inspiration comes from a totally unplanned source. Picture this: A Sunday afternoon trip to a large … Continue reading The dreaded ‘pughetti’ makes its appearance