Decorate for the holidays with natural elements

Now that we’ve consumed millions of turkeys, waited in line to buy things, shopped at small businesses and bought even more stuff online from the comfort of our homes, many people turn their attention to bedecking their halls to bring about the spirit of the holidays. Bright colors, knick-knacks and sparkly things are all part of the great holiday festooning. But you’ll notice, in large … Continue reading Decorate for the holidays with natural elements

Poinsettia: More than Meets the Eye

More often than not, you’ll find poinsettias — hopefully real ones — among the decorations of the holiday. This plant is a standout in the mostly weed-filled and much-maligned spurge family Euphorbiaceae. This family includes lots of different plants that take on a variety of forms. It does include many weeds, but also many houseplants that have much more of a cactus form than poinsettia. … Continue reading Poinsettia: More than Meets the Eye

Selecting a Live Christmas Tree

‘Tis the season to deck the halls and trim the tree. Tree sellers are popping up in local markets and parking lots, and many folks are picking out the perfect Christmas tree. Last year 26 million real Christmas trees found their way into American homes. There are many benefits to using a real tree as opposed to artificial trees. First, real Christmas trees are a … Continue reading Selecting a Live Christmas Tree

Mother’s Day Garden Reflections

Mother’s Day: The time when we focus on honoring the matriarchs of our lives — our mothers, grandmothers or those who we consider motherly to us (I include my Aunt Ruthie in the list). Whether or not the maternal influences in your life are still living, a common and traditional way of honoring them is with flowers. Flowers have been a part of the celebration … Continue reading Mother’s Day Garden Reflections

A gardener’s holiday gift list

Let’s take a few minutes now to talk about some last-minute details about the holidays. Of course, many people work themselves into a frenzy around the holidays. But that’s not what the holidays are really about. They are about simplicity, about family and friends, about reflection and, for many, religious observance.

Now, there is more than one holiday this time of year. Christmas, of course, plays the lead. But there’s Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, solstice and Yule. People even celebrate the imaginary Festivus, created for an episode of “Seinfeld.” Continue reading A gardener’s holiday gift list