Repotting houseplants before winter

Now that summer has “officially” concluded with the celebration of Labor Day, it is time to turn attentions further to preparing for the oncoming winter. There’s lots to do outside — seeding the lawn, testing soil, composting, cleaning up the summer garden, sowing the fall garden. But there’s also plenty to do for indoor gardening. While most of my gardening pursuits are concentrated in the … Continue reading Repotting houseplants before winter

Houseplants fight cabin fever

While I may concentrate most of my gardening in the realm of edible plants, I do dabble a bit in houseplants. It turns out that houseplants are something that can keep a gardener from going bonkers when they are stuck indoors in the winter. They are especially helpful when stuck inside for long periods of time when a foot of snow falls outside, temperatures fall … Continue reading Houseplants fight cabin fever

Houseplants Brighten Winter Doldrums

This is the time of year I usually get garden fever. It has been months since putting the garden to bed, and the recent spate of arctic weather makes longing for plants and sunshine even stronger. When stuck indoors, even the most desperate winter monotony can be tamed by tending indoor houseplants. Even this most practical Garden Guru who grows mainly food plants has a … Continue reading Houseplants Brighten Winter Doldrums