Tending the plants you grow: Soil Testing

Good gardeners and farmers know how to tend the plants they grow. They know what and when to plant, and how to respond to issues like pests, diseases, and abnormal weather to have good results. Great gardeners and farmers, on the other hand, know that tending the soil where their plants grow is the first, and most important, step to growing with the greatest results. … Continue reading Tending the plants you grow: Soil Testing

Organic growing takes attention

More and more gardeners are interested in growing organically. This is especially true for gardeners growing fruits, vegetables and even grains. Reasons include concern over pesticide use, human health, preservation of beneficial insects and microbes and reducing input costs. Part of growing organically is eliminating pesticide use or using organic pesticides derived from natural materials such as minerals, fungi, plant extracts and more. The other … Continue reading Organic growing takes attention