Start your seedlings well

Starting your own seeds is an excellent way to prepare for your year of gardening. Whether you grow vegetables or flowers (or both), starting from seeds can offer many benefits. Of course, there are some dos and don’ts for getting the most mileage from your seed starting endeavors. Continue reading Start your seedlings well

Seed Starting for the Frugal Gardener

Gardeners are champing at the bit to get their hands dirty after a long and dreary winter, though it is still a little early to plant most things outside. If you are itching to get a head start and a leg up on the garden, think about starting your own seeds indoors. Many vegetable plants, annual flowers and even perennials can be started indoors before … Continue reading Seed Starting for the Frugal Gardener

Start seeds for variety and savings

Despite the unscientific opinion of certain ground-dwelling large rodents, gardeners are definitely itching for spring. When dreamily gazing at garden catalogs just doesn’t do it, when you need to get your hands dirty, and when you need to be assured that spring will arrive once more, then it is perhaps time to think about starting some seeds indoors. It is a popular topic, especially since … Continue reading Start seeds for variety and savings