Raised Bed Rebuttal

The most recent article from this writer basically cast raised beds as evil and ecologically horrific while glorifying the practice of tilling up soil for a garden.  As the growing mountain of evidence shows, tilling and soil disruption has a big negative environmental impact and can reduce production.  To point out all the flaws I found with the article, I put pen to paper….er, fingertips to keyboard to list all the issues I had with the article for the Garden Professors blog.   Continue reading Raised Bed Rebuttal

Garden Do-over – Reinventing the garden for fall

The tomatoes hold on for their last hurrah – a feverish push before they succumb to disease or the icy grip of frost.  Cucumbers and squash, looking ragged after a long season, produce as fast as they can as the season comes to a close.  Gardens this summer have had it rough.  From a water-logged beginning to a scorching summer, some people have just had … Continue reading Garden Do-over – Reinventing the garden for fall