Sage advice for Thanksgiving

There are certainly several flavors that are linked with the celebration of the Thanksgiving holiday. A few of the flavors are native to the United States, or at least the Americas, like cranberries and pumpkin (corn and beans, too). But, most interestingly, the flavors most often associated with the holiday come from warm Mediterranean regions. The main dish (usually turkey) and its accompanying stuffing (or … Continue reading Sage advice for Thanksgiving

Sunchokes – Trendy food from flowers

During the summer, a giant found a home in my garden. Standing tall near the back gate of the house, the green giant reached at least 12 feet in the air — sticking its arms out wildly and looking like it could use a good tidying up. Sure, my giant was unwieldy and perhaps not all that attractive, but it gave me some great treasure … Continue reading Sunchokes – Trendy food from flowers

Local gardeners grow cranberries “the size of quarters”

Cranberry salad … cranberry sauce … cranberry relish … cranberry juice … cranberry cocktails — aah, the holidays are upon us. There are many ways to enjoy this tart native fruit during the holidays and the whole year-round that don’t include cutting off a slice from a jiggling cylinder of cranberry goo. You can even grow your own cranberries at home, no bog required! Vaccinium … Continue reading Local gardeners grow cranberries “the size of quarters”

Thanksgiving flavor from ancient herbs

Family and friends are gathered ’round the table. The dog sits patiently below, waiting for a morsel dropped by accident or on purpose. Platters and bowls fill the table, a reminder of the bounty that sustained our forebears when they first arrived on this continent — and a current testament to overabundance and gluttony. My mom gets so excited about Thanksgiving dinner that she can’t … Continue reading Thanksgiving flavor from ancient herbs