Much ado about mulch

Sure, it’s not the most glamorous of garden topics, but mulch is something that can be an important tool for every gardener. The benefits of mulching are numerous, but there are some things you should know to most effectively use mulch. My colleague and fellow garden professor ( Dr. Linda-Chalker Scott, from Washington State University, is definitely a maven of mulch. It is one of … Continue reading Much ado about mulch

Managing Minty Mayhem in the Lawn and Garden

All the hype around the Kentucky Derby this past week got me thinking about mint. Why mint? Well, the mint julep, a sweet combination of mint and bourbon, is the official drink of the derby. While the drink may be traditional at the Kentucky Derby, it got its start as a medical concoction in the Virginias. Its first recorded debut as a drink at a … Continue reading Managing Minty Mayhem in the Lawn and Garden

What weeds are telling you

Sometimes it seems like there is just this one weed that has to ruin everything. It grows out of control, ruining the aesthetic of your lawn, landscape or garden. It outcompetes the things you actually want to grow. It looks horrible and grows way too fast to keep under control. I know that some people don’t mind weeds, or even appreciate them (many are tasty … Continue reading What weeds are telling you

Controlling weedy foes in the garden

Weeds seem to occupy the minds of gardeners for a great deal of the growing season. There are weeds in the landscape, weeds in the vegetable garden, weeds in the lawns … weeds, weeds and more weeds. Some people let the weeds preoccupy them for most of the gardening season, while others really couldn’t care less. Sometimes I just shake my head as I see … Continue reading Controlling weedy foes in the garden